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Our Nursery Rooms

Ducklings – 0-2 Years

Jade, Rebecca and Charlie all work in our baby room. The staff in here strive to give you the best possible care for your little ones. We have two dedicated sections of our baby room; A natural soft and cosy side to the room, where the babies can search through treasure baskets or explore our black and white area, babies can also come for a cuddle in the cosy corner when they are getting tired. We also have a more focussed side of the room for the older babies where there is a home corner, sand and water available and also a baby gym for when they start getting on their feet. We also have a dedicated outdoor space just for our babies.

The routine in this room is more flexible to best suit your babies personal routine at home. The children get daily opportuinities to explore their senses and investigate the world around them. All staff who work in this room undergo specialist “Working with babies” training and are always coming up with some fantatsic activities for your babies to enjoy.

Busy Bees – 2-3 Years

Jade, Katelyn and Emily work in our Busy Bees room. Our 2-3 year old room is a large space where children can learn social skills with their new friends and develop their imagination in our dedicated home and role play area. The staff focuss on communication and language and are always singing and chatting away to the children which supports their development. We also have a purpose built bathroom in the beesy room where older 2 year olds can be supported in toilet training.

This room is set up with more distinguished areas; Construction, Small world, Home corner etc. The children in bees follow a set routine which includes, wake up shake up dancing, daily creative and messy play activities, circle time and tooth brushing. We set out a variety of activities the children can freely choose to access daily like playdough, sand and water. Staff in this room have dedicated key worker time where children have the opportunity to develop their skills on a more one on one basis. The outdoor space for the Bees has an amazing mud kitchen which children can access all year round. This area of the garden is exlusivley for the two year olds ensuring that all resources and equipment is age appropriate and more importantly fun for all our Busy Bees.

Butterflies – 3-5 Years

Sophie, Dorne and Ellie all work in our Preschool room. The layout of the room is structered with specific areas such as the home corner, construction area, marking making/ writing area and a mathematics area. The children enjoy outdoor play in our large garden space. The children get the opportunity to take age approritate risks on our wooden climbing frame and slide.

There is always something going on in Butterflies, whether this be our whole group activites or one to one focused activities based around the individual child. We practice name writing daily to help with letter formation and holiding marking tools appropriatly. The children are delived a 10 minute phonics session twice a day and love getting involved and learninig our sound of the week. The Pre School room has a structured routine which balances the children’s learning and play appropriatly.

The children are encouraged to be independent within Health and Self Care ready for going to school. There is a purpose built bathroom area within the room where the children are able to go as when needed but help is always on hand if required. Each day the children go in small groups into the bathoom area and brush their teeth using a 2 minute timer. The children really enjoy this and are learning the importance of having a good hygeine routine.